Q: What is Polyient?

Polyient is an investment firm focused on digital economies that deploys capital via direct equity & token investments.

In addition to its investment activities, Polyient is actively developing a number of innovations focused on the non-fungible token (NFT) asset class. This includes work within Polyient Games and Polyient Network.

Q: What is Polyient Network?

The Polyient Network is the first cross-chain network dedicated to NFT data aggregation, price analysis and liquidity transformation. By combining several technological innovations, a robust token economy and an open data network, Polyient is building a next-generation network to power the NFT ecosystem of tomorrow.

Q: How does Polyient Network fit into Polyient’s Larger Structure?

Polyient is developing Polyient Network with the intention of bringing all of the Polyient assets and IP, including Polyient Games and Ape In, on top of the network to facilitate more robust & efficient functionality.

For instance, we aim to leverage the Polyient Network infrastructure to supercharge the Polyient Games Ecosystem in the following ways:

  • More efficient liquidity systems for the PGFK and other Ecosystem NFTs, unlocking additional use cases
  • New ways to extract value from your in-game and collectible NFTs via dedicated Polyient Vaults powered by Polyient Network’s pricing engine
  • A new generation of synthetic products available on the Polyient DEX, further driving demand for PGU as the main base pair
  • A brand new method of Polyient Games Ecosystem project launches via the Polyient-invented Initial Vault Sale (IVS)

Q: Does the Polyient Network token (RATE) interact with Polyient Games?

Polyient Network’s token economy is completely siloed to reduce complexity and assure that there is proper decentralization with scalable functionality.

However, 10% of the total supply of RATE is destined to be given away in the form of rewards in the Polyient Games Ecosystem through Polyient Games Governance Token (PGT) staking and dedicated Polyient Games Founder’s Key (PGFK) Vaults.

Q: Where can I learn more about Polyient Network?

Please read the official Litepaper to understand the full scope of the Polyient Network system and token economy.

Token Overview

Q: What is RATE?

Polyient Network's RATE is utility token used to secure interactions throughout the Polyient Network. This utility token enables staking driven participation in the network and seeks to limit malicious behavior by incentivizing contributors and punishing bad actors.

RATE supports the following network actions: 

  • Payment rewards to data providers for contribution to the network.
  • Participation in the delivery of data as an oracle node.
  • Data consumption by dapps, marketplaces and smart contracts.
  • Governance of future network decisions. 
  • Collateral for securing liquidity from NFT assets.

Polyient Network Vaults

Q: What is a Polyient Network NFT? 

A Polyient Network NFT is a digital collectible that is uniquely designed to connect to the Polyient Network Vault system. As a standalone collectible, a Polyient Network NFT is a unique piece of digital art. When paired with the Polyient Network Vault system, the NFT becomes a powerful key that unlocks Polyient Network tokens called RATE.

Q: What is a Polyient Network Vault?

A Polyient Network Vault allows a user to stake - or lock up - their NFT collectible in a smart contract in exchange for rewards in the form of fungible tokens. Polyient Network Vaults create RATE fungible tokens as a reward for vaulting Polyient Network NFTs.

Q: How do I use Polyient Network Vaults to earn RATE tokens?

Vault rewards depend on the type of NFT that is added to the vault. In the case of Polyient Network NFTs, there are several vault series that each correspond to a reward level. Each vault series guarantees a minimum reward output if the vault is at full NFT capacity.

Each vault series has a maximum capacity based on the number of Polyient Network NFTs available during the public sale. In the case that a vault is not at maximum capacity, users who vault their NFTs will equally share the rewards that would have been allocated to the maximum capacity vault series. This means that reward output may be far greater than the guaranteed minimum.

Q: How many Polyient Network Vaults will be available?

There are a total of 9 Polyient Network vaults, including 4 for NFTs sold during the discounted pre-sale and 4 for NFTs sold during the full sale. There is also a Private Series Vault at the highest price point that requires direct purchase from the Polyient team.

Q: How do I add my Polyient Network NFT to a vault?

NFTs purchased during the Polyient Network discounted vault sale will be eligible for participation in Polyient Vaults on May 18th, 2021. NFTs purchased after the discounted vault sale will be eligible in early summer 2021. Adding your NFT to a vault is a simple process that involves signing several blockchain transactions using a wallet like MetaMask.

Q: How do I claim Polyient Network Vault rewards?

A user can collect rewards created by a Polyient Network Vault at any time by unstaking their NFT and claiming the rewards earned to date. This allows users to accrue a reward balance over time and withdraw rewards at their convenience. 

Q: When will I know the final capacity of each Series Vault?

You will know how many NFTs you can expect inside of each Series Vault at the conclusion of the relevant sale (discounted or full). You can also actively monitor the number of Vault positions taken at any given time during the vaulting period.

Q: Are Polyient Network Vaults audited?

Yes. We are actively engaging with auditors as the final step to launching the Polyient Network Vaults. The final timing of the launch of the vaults is a function of the audit timeframe and we will be providing periodic updates across social channels.

Vault Series NFT Sale

Q: How long does each discounted Vault Series NFT sale last?

Each Vault Series NFT sale will be limited to under 1 week. The current plan is to release a new Series each week starting on April 15.

Q: What payment options are available?

All purchases must be made in Ether (ETH).

Q: Which Ethereum wallets do you allow?

We currently support MetaMask. Please note, Polyient does not provide any technical support for issues associated with MetaMask or associated hardware wallets

Vault Series NFT Sale Referral Program

Q: How does the referral program work?

With our referral program, users will earn 10% on each successful sale made via their referral code, paid out in ETH. This means that if both the discounted and full public sales were to fully sell out, and each purchase was made via a referral, there would be $53M in ETH referral rewards available.

Additionally, we are adding an extra perk to users who make RATE token purchases via a friend’s referral code. Each purchase made using a referral code will earn the buyer a 10% bonus in fungible RATE after it is launched via Vault staking later this year.

This means that 2% of the total supply of RATE can be collectively earned simply by completing purchases via referral codes.

Q: Who is eligible for the referral program?

Anyone who signs up for the program via the portal found on the official Polyient Network site. This can be done before or after completing a purchase.

Q: How long will it take to receive my ETH referral rewards?

Payouts to the provided address will be made within 10 days after a successful referral. The Polyient team is confirming each reward manually to assure there is no gaming of the system.

Q: How long will it take to receive my fungible RATE bonus for purchasing via a referral link?

Users must stake their RATE NFTs inside of a Polyient Vault for the full 12 months to be eligible to receive the rewards. Distribution information will be provided closer to the end of the vaulting period.